1. To provide quality infusion therapies to patients at home and in the skilled nursing facility environment.
2. To provide parenteral admixtures and total parenteral nutrition prepared under aseptic conditions using strict aseptic technique.
3. To provide clinical expertise relative to therapies to patients, staff caregivers and physicians.
4. To train patients and caregivers in multiple aspects of their therapy and foster patient independence where feasible.

To provide therapies which are needed in our service areas using up to date methods and equipment, and to maintain a good understanding of principles and techniques of specific therapies.

Therapy types include, but are not limited to hydration, TPN, pain management, antibiotics, biotechnology agents, blood factors, chemotherapy and enteral nutrition.

6. To maintain accurate records of admixtures dispensed, supplies and equipment used.
7. To maintain documentation of patient care through chart documentation.
8. To provide continuity of care in transition of patients from acute hospitals to skilled nursing facilities or to home, and when appropriate to self-management.
9. To assist patients in billing processes and to maintain accurate records for billing procedures.
10. To ensure quality of patient care and products dispensed through appropriate training, in service education, and quality assurance/quality improvement systems/monitoring.

Rosalie Lu Weber, Pharm.D.

Rudolf Weber
 Vice President, Finance and Information  Technology

Phong Lu
 Vice President, Accounts Payable

Teresa Jue, Pharm.D.

Pharmacist in Charge
Quality Assurance Supervisor & Education

    Pharmacy Student Preceptor for:

        USC School of Pharmacy

        Western School of Pharmacy

        Massachusetts School of Pharmacy

Dan Thornburg
 Patient Admission Manager